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Thursday, January 26, 2017

ERC20 SIM Token - FAQ


 What is a SIM Token (SIM)? The SIM is a currency like digital tag used to uniquely exchange communication identifiers across the blockchain and increase the conditions for inter-exchanging voice call communication credit, unlimited and limited data usage plan for the b2b, b2c, c2, c2c communities, but not limited to MVNO, long distance call telecom operators & minutes resellers, these transactions can leverage the use of the ethereum blockchain hyper-ledgered capabilites offered through the unique nature of smart contracts deployed in today's digital economy ecosystem. 

What if I missed the ICO token sale, how can I buy tokens now? The SIM will be listed on decentranlized exchanges platforms (etheropt, etherdelta, where anyone can offer or buy tokens). In the more distant future, users can easily buy tokens from USD, EUR and other fiat currencies on our in-app exchange. 

Token exchange: How do I exchange my SIM to ETH? The first release of SIM is called SIM Wallet. There is a tool in SIM Wallet that will allow you to exchange your SIM to AMIS and/or ETH. SIM Token exchange: What is the exchange rate between SIM to ETH ? It is 1:1. 

Token-exchange: Can I send ETH directly from MIST, myetherwallet or metamask wallet to the SIM contract? No, you need to buy ERC20 AMIS tokens first, these AMIS act as asset mediation instruments. In order to buy AMIS and get your SIM, 2 ways to acquire them : buy the remaining tokens available tothe contract address or trade them. Trading AMIS can be achieved over the etherdelta trading platform. Depending on your Wallet Client you will just need to signand accept the transactions by pasting your private key cautiously into either MIST, myEtherwallet or Metamask use to verify your ETH, AMIS, SIM balance. Once complete, they your credit will be shown in etherdelta; etherscan and ethplorer. You won't be able to view your AMIS or SIM balance in metamask as of yet. MIST will Real Time show your credit as soon as the watch token feature is correctly set. 

Token exchange: How long will it take and will I be able to exchange SIM for ETH? Is there an end date? You will be able to exchange SIM to AMIS forever. There is no end date. 

Token exchange: Will there be a SIM ICO? Not yet, there may be a SIM ICO. The amount of SIM created through the token exchange is the maximum ever created: 

These are the most common questions, but if you have any others not covered here, please feel free to reach out on Disqus, slack or Gitter.